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Join Us, and Unleash the Power to Heal

Through the magic of Service Dogs

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Because of You...

We have been able to change the lives of deserving recipients nationwide, through the magic of Service Dogs. We have been able to reduce the burden on caregivers and families; and help our recipients begin a beautiful New Normal. These amazing dogs allow their recipients to go out in public again, return to work and school, and rebuild relationships with friends and loved ones.

Recipient Michael wrote: "In the years since receiving Blitz, my situation has changed dramatically. I was able to go outside with an extremely relieved level of hyper-vigilance, for the first time since leaving the Army. I slowly began to make progress. With Blitz around I could hang out with friends again. I re-kindled friendships I'd destroyed. I made real progress in therapy. I began to see that I had a future still to live. I've taken Blitz on trains, aircraft, the NYC subway system at rush hour where it was so packed we couldn't even see each other. She has never failed to be anything but perfect, I owe them my life".

This is the impact your donation to Guardian Angels makes. It is the difference between being alive, and living.