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Tribute WOD

in honor of Trooper Craig A. Scott, the 35th fallen trooper of the Michigan State Police

$25,104 raised

$25,000 goal

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Michigan State Police 135th Trooper Recruit School Tribute WOD

Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs (GAMSD) is a non-profit organization that provides service dogs to veterans and first responders. Many veterans and first responders may be struggling with physical or emotional disabilities as a result of their service time. GAMSD provides service dogs to permanently improve the life for those living with disabilities such as PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury, seizures, glucose disorders, and mobility issues.

The Michigan State Police 135thTrooper Recruit School has created a tribute WOD in honor of Trooper Craig A. Scott, the 35thfallen trooper of the Michigan State Police. The 135thTrooper Recruit School in cooperation with Lakestate Crossfit will be hosting the tribute WOD and a fundraising event for Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs. The owner of Lake State Crossfit, Mike Ronan, was a recipient of a service dog from GAMSD. Mike spoke to the recruits of the 135thTrooper Recruit School and shared his impressive story of how he received his service dog, Julie, from GAMSD. Here is some additional information Mike provided:

-Cost per dog is roughly $25,000
-Every year GAMSD gets roughly 15,000 applications.
-The veterans that are picked every year are considered Red, meaning they either have a plan to commit suicide or have tried.

-The national suicide rate for veterans is 22 completions per day (almost 50 Attempts), 1 every 65 minutes or over 8000 per year.

-In nearly 9 years of pairing dogs the suicide rates of GAMSD paired veterans is 0. Every single one of them went from Red to alive today.
-Having a service dog from GAMSD reduces the rate of divorce among combat vets from 95% down to >1%.

The recruits and members of Lake State Crossfit will be participating in the following tribute WOD:

"Trooper Craig A. Scott" (EOW 2/9/82)

Number significance:

535 – Trooper Scott's badge number

52+52+52+53=209 – Date Trooper Scott was killed (2/09)

28 – Age Trooper Scott was when killed

4 – Years of service with MSP

For Time:

4 Rounds

535m Row/Ski Erg

52 Double Unders or 156 Singles (4thround 53 Double Unders or 159 Singles)

28 shoulder to Overhead (95/55)

28 Kettle Bell Swing (53/35)

28 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

The members of the 135thTrooper Recruit School and Lake State Crossfit look forward to this event. Anyone is welcome to participate in the tribute WOD at their own gym or at home. Your gift, no matter the size will have a real and tangible part in saving lives and changing them for the better.

Mike and his Service Dog, Julie, Paired January, 2017

Mike & Service Dog, Julie